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Ski Review: Renoun Endurance 104 (2016-2017)

The Renoun Endurance 104 from Cyrus Shenck in Burlington, Vermont USA is the largest model in Renoun's lineup last season (2016-2017), and we spent some quality time with it through mid-winter conditions right through Spring corn harvesting.  Bottom line is the Endurance 104 carries Renoun's theme of smooth, silky and somewhat understated feel into the 100mm+ category, delivering a ski that disappears underfoot and takes very little effort to run, while enabling an unusually wide variety of excellent manners in pretty much any conditions you can find.  Only the heaviest and hardest skiers might find the Endurance 104 a bit too soft for their liking, but will definitely be impressed with the trademark "the faster you go, the smoother they get" handling. 

The  high-tech, non-Newtonian material used to manage vibration and rebound characteristics of the Renoun skis is no gimmick (we[ve seen plenty of non-performing gimmicks over the years in the ski business...), and the application of this dampening material in a 100mm+ width ski works really well to deliver a quiet and controlled ride at higher speeds than you might expect, without requiring the ski to be heavy, over-damp or stiff.  We found the Endurance 104 quickly became one ski that always ended up in the ski box any time there was fresh snow overnight, or a storm predicted to roll in during the day.  We think the Endurance 104 is really, really interesting and an indication of things to come in the ski industry.  Cyrus knows the engineering required to deliver on the theory of ski behavior, and while his skis aren't cheap, they are super effective, super friendly and remarkable for their ability to deliver high performance in a stealthy fashion that surprised pretty much everyone who rode them.

See the review of the Renoun Endurance 104 here.

By: e.edelstein  Posted: Monday, October 2, 2017 6:21:27 PM
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