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Reviews & News

Ski Review: Renoun Citadel 106 (2018-2019)

The Renoun Citadel 106 is the only ski two of our testers immediately preordered for next-season delivery as soon as they tested it.  That was a bit shocking and unusual for our typically skeptical crew.  The Citadel is Cyrus Schenck's "Ski I Wanted To Build For 3 Years" design with twice the volume of non-Newtonian "HDT" polymer of previous models.  Put simply, this is one of the most impressive skis we have tested in 13 years because it is disturbingly light, yet super-stable, confident, downright ripping at GS turns on hardpack and easy-peasy fun in powder and mixed conditions with a surprisingly playful and zero-effort level of input needed from the skier.

While the price tag of $1,499 usd for a pair of skis is reaching the limit of what typical skiers will pay for a set of skis, the Citadel is backed with an eye-opening "Try-them-for-100-days-and-return-them-for-a-refund" no-risk purchase policy and two year warranty against defects. That's how confident Renoun is its product.  We recommend people read the full review HERE and check out the photos.  We think the level of performance people should expect from freeride skis has just been increased significantly by Renoun's new Citadel release.  This means more fun for more skiers, especially if Cyrus licenses the technology to other ski companies...(hint, hint...).  Save your nickels, because you might want to save up for a pair of these.  Two of our testers didn't hesitate to preorder their pairs last Spring for delivery this winter!

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Cyrus Shenck - Founder, Renoun Skis.
(photo from Renoun Website)

Colorado.FM Interviews with Local Ski Builders

Doug Stetzer from Colorado.FM is highlighting many local Colorado businesses, including some of their independent, small ski builders. The podcast recordings are super interesting and have a common thread of each company showing a real passion and dedication to its customers and craft of building skis.  It pulls back the curtain on the robust population of craft ski companies cropping up everywhere around the World, and especially in the  state of Colorado in the United States.

Listed to some of Doug's intereviews at the links below:

IRIS Skis        - https://www.colorado.fm/iris-skis/
Meier Skis     - https://www.colorado.fm/meier-skis/
Romp Custom     - https://www.colorado.fm/romp-skis/


Eric Hegreness of Iris Skis with one of his sculpted Titanal topsheet designs
Photo provided by IRIS for Colorado.FM podcast interview

Ski Testers Talk at VT Ski & Snowboard Museum!

Why You Need New Gear - A Forum with Top Ski Testers

Thursday, October 11, 2018
Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum
Stowe, Vermont
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Each year, dozens of magazines and online outlets reveal the results of their extensive ski tests and gear reviews. This October 11, the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum will be bringing together ski testers from SKI Magazine, Backcountry Magazine, Ski Essentials—the Stowe-based e-newsletter and Exotic Skis.

“It’s going to be a great forum to hear about what’s the best gear for 2018/19 and also to get an insight into how ski testing and gear reviews actually work,” says Lisa Lynn, the editor of VT Ski + Ride Magazine and a former editor at SKI, who will be moderating the event.

Participants will include Tyler Cohen, editor in chief of Backcountry Magazine and the person who coordinates their gear testing, Steve Sulin of Pinnacle Sports in Stowe and key figure in ski testing for Ski Essentials, Eric Edelstein of Exotic Skis, the online forum that has done exhaustive testing of numerous microbrands of skis from around the globe, and testers from SKI Magazine’s annual gear tests.

“This is a great kickoff for our winter forum speaker series, which we have renamed the Red Bench Series in honor of the Red Bench, a former fixture in Stowe’s Octagon, and now a gathering spot in the Museum’s Main Street building,” says Executive Director Deb Taylor. Future Red Bench Series topics include talks on the 10th Mountain Division, iconic snowboard photography and biathlon.


Facebook Event Link:

24 Year Leki Ski Pole Test....Whaaat?

Sometimes, a piece of ski gear really impresses us.  After 24 years of abuse (read on...), we thought we would say a few words about a pair of ski poles that will not die, deform, degrade or dissapoint.  We've never seen a really long-term review of ski poles, so ....since it's summer here in Vermont, USA, we present a quick summary of the history and condition of a pair of Leki Worldcup ski poles abused for 24 years.

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Ski Review: DPS Cassiar Foundation 82 and 87 (2018-2019)

Stephan Drake and the DPS crew have been tinkering with a lineup of relatively narrow (for DPS), frontside skis for several seasons now, intent on capturing some market share for resort-oriented, frontside skiers to widen DPS's appeal beyond exotic powder skis which launched the company years ago.  Recognizing the expensive, high-performance carbon prepeg constructions were a barrier to entry into this frontside resort market, Peter Turner ( DPS's innovative engineering guru ) and Stephan Drake decided on a "Foundation Series" construction utilzing bamboo,  poplar and fiberglass to create a series of skis retailing around $799 usd instead of the $1,299+ priced "Alchemist" line.  This "Foundation Series"  skis would be less reactive and demanding than their premium carbon models, and have a much more accessible pricepoint for skiers across a wider spectrum, including intermediates and advanced recreational skiers who wanted the DPS designs, but could not justify spending more than $1,200 for the carbon-infused high-end models craved by DPS's rabid, more hard-core expert followers.

DPS Cassiar Foundation 82 (L) and Cassiar Foundation 87 (R)

We skied the original Foundation Series last season, and found them to be a bit too compliant and insufficient to satisfy athletic skiers or skiers who frequent harder, Eastern-like surfaces, although DPS's goal of making them very light underfoot was met very well.  The revamped Foundation models for 2018-2019 have stepped their performance up a notch and are much more appealing to the wide audience DPS is targeting.  We tried the SL-like 82mm Cassiar Foundation 82, and the more all-mountain width Cassiar Foundation 87 for nearly an entire season in Vermont, subjecting them to powder, bumps, hardpack, cruddy and mamky conditions, groomers and good old-fashioned Eastern boilerplate conditions. 

We found DPS's shaping and camber profiles are indeed elegantly designed and produce skis with silky turn behaviors, quick edge-to-edge response with little effort and very lightweight feel underfoot.  These skis work really well in packed power and moderately hardpack conditions, but were a bit lacking in hardpack grip behaviors and composure under high-pressure situations.  These are elegant turning instruments which perform best on their preferred goomed, packed-powder surfaces, similar to way fine fountain pens mated to the right kind of cotton-content  writing paper produce elegant results.  They're great if the surface is suitable, but tend to skip a bit if you apply them to the wrong kind of medium in the wrong way.  DPS's quality and production finish is superb, and the Foundation series is very light and very well built.  Watch DPS in the coming seasons as they refine their designs and constructions for the frontside of your local resort.  They will probably develop a cult following on the groomers like they have in the powder-filled big-mountain and backcountry terrain.

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Halti is our choice to stay dry and warm when testing in Nor'Easter storms.

Boots are the most critical element when testing ski behavior. We can choose any boots. We choose Salomon.

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