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Ski Review: Whitedot Ragnorok 190cm 2017-2018

The Ragnorok is Whitedot Skis big mountain, "fun charger" originally derived from a burly, hard-core, pro-developed set of planks for Fred Syversen, the wild and wooly big mountain skier who dropped a 351 foot cliff on film in 2010, making Fred a World-wide phenomenon across the Internet.  Today's Ragnorok is tuned to appeal to more civilized big mountain skiers looking for a hard-charging, but "accessible" ride for big lines in big snow.  We tested the "standard" build of the Ragnorok design, slighltly heavier and more damp than the more energetic and responsive Carbonlite version Whitedot offers.  The Ragnoroks quickly became a favorite of all our testers when the snow was more than ankle deep, and we found ourselves competing for turns on the Ragnoroks when storms were predicted.  The Ragnorok is a 118mm underfoot, rounds a 30 meter radius and comes in one size (190), so they're big skis with big fun built-in.  The Ragnoroks are a super-stable, strong and speed-loving platform to cover lots of hectares of terrain, but they won't beat up the pilot, so they will appeal to a wide audience who crave big skis on big days.  Since they are essentially flat (no camber), with aggressively tapered rocker in the tip and tail, they are surfy, but remarkably reliable on steeps and places you need to connect with the terrain in a confident fashion.  We loved these skis, and as it so happens, they're the favorite ski of Whitedot's Director.  These are more friendly to ski than their specs would indicate, making them a great choice for a wide range of big-ski fanatics.


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By: e.edelstein  Posted: Monday, April 23, 2018 6:31:59 PM
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