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Onyone Japanese Outerwear

Since incorporating in 1968, Onyone has been expanding their outerwear lineup and supplying international ski organizations such as the Liechtenstein national ski team, Japan Professional Ski Teachers Association, Swiss Ski School Association, Ski Association of Japan, Finnish National Ski Team and French National Mountaineering Ski School.  Onyone also creates custom althetic sports apparel in many other disciplines, so they have extensive experience and expertise in crafting clothing for active sports. 

We recently received a two-piece men's outfit to test and will be letting you know how it compares to other offerings by some of the larger brand names out there.  As a side, note, Onyone also contracted with Italian helmet/goggle/wax maker Briko to distribute their products back in 2005!

Image courtesy of Onyone Co., Ltd.

Image courtesy of Onyone Co., Ltd.

By: e.edelstein  Posted: Saturday, January 23, 2021 2:48:12 PM
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We can choose any poles. We choose Leki. They never fail & last for years.

Boots are the most critical element when testing ski behavior. We can choose any boots. We choose Dalbello and Salomon.

Distinctive team outerwear.

Halti is our choice to stay dry and warm when testing in Nor'Easter storms.

Green Ice Wax is our choice for non-fluoro, eco-friendly waxes.
Smith is our choice for head and eye protection.

Northern Ski Works is our choice for shop work and bootfitting.