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Italian Artistry: Craftsmanship & Peformance Of Zero Skis

Claudio Valsecchi and Andrea Bonacina created Zero Skis in Italy in 2011 to provide high-performance, top-quality skis with rare and artistically created topsheets to the luxury, high-end ski market around the World.  We were extremely lucky to get the opportunity to try two different models of their skis in the Alta Badia region of Italy for several days in pristine carving conditions. 

Zero Skis is aiming its products at the luxury market where names like Armani, Alfa-Romeo and Rolex are spoken, so this is not a budget-oriented, "value brand.."  With retail prices hovering around 1,300 - 1,600 Euros, Zero skis are expensive and specialized for their target audience.  Zero's founders promote their brand through marketing partnerships with luxury lifestyle clothing, automobile and travel companies who's clients would be receptive to the stunningly attractive skis Zero produces. 

We found the stunningly innovative and attractive slate-covered Zero Sten all-mountain ski and the gorgeously vibrant Zero Lignum race-carver to be  superb examples of the high-end luxury ski brand market with hot-rod performance on-snow and art-gallery appearance on and off-snow.  These are not fluffy cosmetic show skis, but true, died-in-the-wool Euro carving skis of the highest order topped with painstakingly crafted topsheets showing excellent attention to detail and finish quality.  If you want a stunningly beautiful and unusually-topped carving ski with top-shelf performance on-piste, Zero makes them, and makes them very, very, where did I park my Alfa....?

We were lucky to have Alia Radetti from Dream Beyond Travel volunteer to personally deliver two pairs of Zero's customized skis to us in San Cassiano Italy.  Zero Skis works with Alia's luxury travel company to enhance Alia's client experiences by providing exclusive skis for the vacations in the Alta Badia of Italy she arranges.  Dream Beyond provides exclusive, high-quality, "all-details-managed" vacation experiences for discerning clients, so providing exclusive, rare skis from an artisnal Italian ski company complements the service offering. 

Alia is a long-time ski racer and won an Italian freeride championship, so she knows skiing and what good skis can do for her clients.  Alia also picked up the test skis at the end of our trip to the Alta Badia, giving us a sample of the superb service Dream Beyond provides to its clients.  High-end skis coupled with high-end vacation planning creates a high-end ski vacation to create memories for a lifetime.  Welcome to the world of Zero Skis.

Read our reviews of the Zero Sten and Zero Lignum skis HERE.





By: e.edelstein  Posted: Saturday, February 1, 2020 9:31:16 AM
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