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Ski Review: Renoun Citadel 106 (2018-2019)

The Renoun Citadel 106 is the only ski two of our testers immediately preordered for next-season delivery as soon as they tested it.  That was a bit shocking and unusual for our typically skeptical crew.  The Citadel is Cyrus Schenck's "Ski I Wanted To Build For 3 Years" design with twice the volume of non-Newtonian "HDT" polymer of previous models.  Put simply, this is one of the most impressive skis we have tested in 13 years because it is disturbingly light, yet super-stable, confident, downright ripping at GS turns on hardpack and easy-peasy fun in powder and mixed conditions with a surprisingly playful and zero-effort level of input needed from the skier.

While the price tag of $1,499 usd for a pair of skis is reaching the limit of what typical skiers will pay for a set of skis, the Citadel is backed with an eye-opening "Try-them-for-100-days-and-return-them-for-a-refund" no-risk purchase policy and two year warranty against defects. That's how confident Renoun is its product.  We recommend people read the full review HERE and check out the photos.  We think the level of performance people should expect from freeride skis has just been increased significantly by Renoun's new Citadel release.  This means more fun for more skiers, especially if Cyrus licenses the technology to other ski companies...(hint, hint...).  Save your nickels, because you might want to save up for a pair of these.  Two of our testers didn't hesitate to preorder their pairs last Spring for delivery this winter!

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Cyrus Shenck - Founder, Renoun Skis.
(photo from Renoun Website)

By: e.edelstein  Posted: Sunday, December 2, 2018 12:55:40 PM
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