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Ski Review: Shaggy's Ahmeek 105 (2017-2018)

We spent nearly an entire season putting the Ahmeek 105 from Shaggy's Copper Country Skis through its paces.  We first started testing Shaggy's skis back in 2011 and this is the newest iteration of the all-mountain Ahmeek model we first tested in 2016.  The Thompson family in Michigan never stops improving their designs and construction material choices, and the 2017-2018 Ahmeek is the latest version of one of their flagship skis that works really well nearly everywhere on the mountain.

Shaggy's Brockway 95 (L) and Ahmeek 105 (R)

The unique "triple camber" design provides sevaral zones of camber along the length of the ski (see pics in the review), and it has a remarkable bite for a 105mm-waisted ski.  Its relatively large surface area and rockered, broad tip provides nice floatation in crud and powder, while its somewhat stout flex and stable mass provides a crud-cutting/surfing experience to make high performance skiers happy without beating up more recreational skiers.  It's a balanced design refined over many seasons of tinkering, and delivers a versatile, super-stable, all-mountain, all-terrain  ride for a wide variety of skiers. 

It may feel a bit balky at slower speeds, but as soon as you get it moving, it comes alive and has the confidence to go pretty much anywhere, anytime as a one-quiver ski in the 105mm class.  You can get the Ahmeek customized by Shaggy's, and the Thomsons are happy to discuss your kind of skiing preferences and terrain types to get the ski to meet your needs.  We've liked the way the Thomsons have grown their family business over the years, and the fact they have been expanding each season means they are making more and more skiers happy!

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