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Ski Review: Northland Carving Skis 168 & 178cm

Northland is an ancient American ski brand born in 1912, rising to become a major brand for decades before its demise in the 1970s.  Peter Daley brought the brand name back to life in 2014, creating craft-built, specialty carving models in Steamboat, Colorado USA.  We were lucky enough to spend many weeks on the 168cm and 178cm versions across all kinds of conditions in Vermont.  The nostalgia factor is high with skiers who knew about the brand or perhaps even owned a pair "way back when".  These carvers are nothing like the old Northland skis, but are instead inspired by modern, contemporary Euro-carving specialty skis dedicated to technical experts who want to carve intensely, but don't want a race ski personality underfoot.  These are the real deal, high-quality hardpack carvers with pine-ash-hickory cores, hardwood sidewalls and full-360-wrap edges.  The construction delivers a dampened feel without any metal in the layup.  At $1,499 per pair, these are not inexpensive, but then again, they are hand-crafted specialty skis with a distinctive, unique personality and carving prowess.  Each length has a different turn behavior instead of being merely a different length of the same ski.  Beautiful to look at and a blast to ski. 

Northland is offering a discount on their skis for readers of our review at (we don't get any compensation or revenue-sharing from this discount...we just wanted to pass along their offer to same some money on a new pair of skis). See the review for the discount code at the checkout cart of their website at Northland Skis.

Noel Lyons (one of our testers) said the Northlands are "...a celebration of life, a rocket ride...".

(Noel was a U.S. Ski Team member between 1976-1981, been an NCAA All-American, won a World Extreme championship, a U.S. Freeskiing Open skiercross, and a 24 Hours of Aspen race as well as being a ski tester for Ski we respect her opinon on skis!)

Advertising Image From Northland Website - March 2018

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By: e.edelstein  Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 7:49:24 PM
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