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Test Maxel Skis, March 3rd 2012

Hi there,

We tested maexl skis last weekend in Italy. We were two, both (very) good skiers, with racing background. The reviews is a mix of the two of us.

Conditions: very hot (+12 C), snow very very soft, badly transformed.

Maxel GSS, 183 cm

Quite good racing ski, gives very good sensations. You can easily race with this one, albeit the fact that the snow was very soft didn't help a lot. Very very stable, you need some power to make it turn. Didn't seem the fastest ski ever,, but a very good one, safe, stable and precise. 

Maxel Racing X2 "Crazy Horse", 165 cm

Race carving ski, very fun to use, very easy to turn, yet stable and precise. A ski you won't get tired easily. It's the perfect "second ski", when you just want to have a bit of fun on the snow but you don't feel very competitive, or if you go ski with your kids. Beautiful graphics too (vintage 70-80)

Maxel ST-R 167 cm

Not the best snow for it. Maybe on ice will be fantastic, but the ski was too hard to make it shine on the melted snow. Use only on groomed, very had snow.

Maxel ST-R 157 cm

better for the snow, it was more of a pelasure. Our feeling was that this measures works much better with a shorter ski, so the 157 cm was a better beast than the 167. Stable on icy patches, yet easy enough to turn on soft snow.







By: krotas  Posted: Monday, March 5, 2012 2:35:06 AM
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