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RAX Ski: forget shaped carvers


I’ve got something no other ski has: direction and speed control located behind your boots.

I am the Rax Ski. The Boston Globe writes on Jan 3, 2008 that I am "an attempt to marry the superior turning of short skis with something that would track better in deep and steep terrain".

You immediately feel an unknown grip of metal fins when skiing hard slopes.

Twisting the feet left or right makes skis pivot on their fins and draw a clean curve in the snow.

Just on hard snow surface you have to care that fins do really carve and occasionally „shoot“ feet and skis forward to put a pressure on fins and to execute a powerful „jet turn on the fins“.

Otherwise you are free to turn as you are used to (carve and skidded turns on ski edges).

The position of fins behind ski boots produces momentum that forces both skis to automatically stabilize in the driving direction and therefore parallel to each other. Unlike shaped carver this ski offers no handle at ski tip section to get skewed by bumpy terrain.

The photo shows an all-round model for piste and freeride. It was first tested two weeks ago.


The Rax Ski has been developed in Austria in the years 2006 and 2007.
A diagonal carrier holding vertical metal fins was erected on the ski, just behind the binding.
The fins carving in the snow operate like skate skids when the ski is running on hard pack and ice
or like surfboard fins when skiing powder and other soft snow arts.
The fins should be located above the ski's gliding surface, behind the ski boots and as close to them as possible
in order to bear the skier's weight directly. These 3 requirements are discussed further on our homepage




By: Tom from Austria  Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2008 1:14:04 PM

The blue ski on the pic has the length of 118cm.

But the Rax concept (metal fins behind the heel) can be applied to both shorter and much longer skis.

For pistes and not extreme backcountry we have "married" the shaped carver technology with the "Rax" concept and created this very comfortable 150cm ski

By: Tom from Austria  Posted: Thursday, February 7, 2008 1:47:08 AM
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