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Review: 07 Blossom Flere 166

Sure, I wanted to ski on something different, in a world where luxury and exclusivity are increasingly elusive.  When travelling, I enjoy the hunt for things I'd never find back home.

I have had several Stöckli skis, some of which had these lesser-known Vist bindings.  I also have a pair of really stiff Elan SLX's with a super-beefy Vist racing plate.  My curiosity about Vist products led me to the Blossom Ski Web site. 

Their pages featuer not only their skis, but a bit about who they are, their shop, and the year-round beauty of the mountains of Valchiavenna and Chivenna regions of Italy.  Looked like a dreamy mix of summer and winter fun - Alpine, italian, Rustic. 

When I looked at the spec's for their skis, the shape, construction, and total package seemed like a nice mix of things I like and feel comfortable on - sandwich construction, rather-wide shovel, tall plates under the binding.  The Vist Speed-lock system was also attractive becasue the bindings can be moved or removed for varying conditions, and to make packing/travel easier. 

So, when i was lucky enough to be drriving around southern Switzerland, and northern Italy one recent October week, I made a point to spend a couple of days in Chiavenna.  (and I recommend you do too!)  I saw beautiful mountains, charming villages, and even stopped at a few lesser-known-yet-impressive ski resorts Savognin, Madesimo - even drive through St. Moritz. 

But the highlight, undoubtedly, was driving through San Bernadino pass, and seeing snow falling all over!  Beautiful.  Made me want to I did the next best thing - bought some.

After 20-25 days on these, I am not dissappointed.  Am I blown away?  Well, no. 

But, fair to say, they are everything I expected.  Competent carvers, really - light, sharp, reasonably quiet.  I have a habit of skiing on the metal, not the plastic - and these are very quick edge-to-edge. For me, a good all-arounder. 

Not a pow-ski, by any means, but i have bombed around in a few inches on them, and got around just fine.  Decent in the bumps - tails not to stiff.  Basically, seem like a good instructor ski.  which is nice for me, wo istly skiis with my wife, or gguests to my ski house, which range in ability from beginner to racer.  Which is why these fit my ski-life so well - they are totall manageable and fun if i want to slow down, do drills, ski all-day, or hit gates. 

As a comparison, not as heavy nor quiet at speed as my Elan SLX's, nor my Stöckli DP's.  But easier to ride, and ride all day on hard New-England snow.  If I were to do some beer-league racing, or hit powder out West, I'd choose something else from the garage. 

But, if i thinned the quiver down to one pair, I can honesly say these would be the ones.  a great combination of stability, comfort, speed, and - yes - exclusivity!



By: pgetchell  Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2008 6:20:50 AM

if someone helps me, i can post pix.  or maybe send some.

By: pgetchell  Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2008 6:21:56 AM
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