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Wagner Skis Review

My name is Greg Murray and here is a review of my Wagners!


Dimensions 184cm 136mm Tip 109mm Waist 125mm Tail 23M Radius Small amount of rocker in tip of ski Primary use: Touring, Powder, Slush, All Mountain, basically everything Bindings: Marker Baron

My rating: (1="get me off these things"->10="I have to own a pair") 8

So I bough these second hand about a year ago and have tested them in almost every type of condition imaginable. I took these out on boiler plate ice all the way to a foot of Colorado powder and everything in between.

ICE: When these skis are sharp they can hold an edge on the hard stuff but it can be questionable at times. I mainly ski out of Vermont and New York so these skis have seen their fair share of bullet proof ice. They are not the best ski to take out on an icy day for obvious reasons. Their width makes you question whether or not you'll be on your hip sliding down the hill or actually make it through the turn. Not the best ski for the ice

GROOMER: These skis love to turn. As a racer I love a ski that comes around nice and quick and this ski does just that. I often get comments that the 23M radius of the ski must make it feel boring but because of the shorter length the ski will not snap right around but come around quickly. Again the width of the ski makes it feel a little bit awkward at times when its on edge but its a feeling you need to get used to. I've skied these at mountains like Jay, Whiteface, Okemo, Magic, Gore, Breckenridge, A-Basin and Loveland and these whether its hard pack groomer or softer packed powder will turn very nicely.

POWDER: Powder is the natural element for these skis. I've skied the classic East Coast powder days where er get two feet of wet snow and these cut right through and and will stay right on top. I went up to Jay peak for the Ski the East Freeride tour last year and over the course of the weekend we got around 2.5 feet of snow. I skied tight and open trees and the face chutes there. They can feel a bit bulky and and long at times in the trees but that may be because I have them mounted pretty far back. Open chutes and trees these things love to make turns in the powder. Its one of the best experiences I've had on skis in powder before. I have spun these off cliffs and torsionally they have a lot of play so those spins are easy to do.

SLUSH/CORNSNOW: I absolutely love skiing on these in the spring time. They are extremely lively and love to hop around from mogul to mogul. They cut straight through all the little bumps that you encounter while skiing on the stereotypical spring day. When making big turns in the slush they go almost unphased by the tracks left by previous skiers.

OTHER: Just a few last words. I don't baby my skis but I don't thrash them either. I will take them into the woods and I'm not afraid if they get a bit beat up. That being said the bases of my skis have, to my surprise, actually held up quite well to what I've put them through. I once landed square on a rock right underneath my foot and though it was an instant core shot. No. It did leave a pretty decent sized gash in the base but no core was exposed from the hit. Also the edges are the same way. They take rocks like it nothing and can still be fixed with a light file. All in all great ski for powder, slush and groomer conditions. I love this ski but for what I do most of the time it is a bit wide.

By: gregmurray50  Posted: Saturday, April 11, 2015 10:58:26 AM
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