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Wagner Custom Skis
120 Front Street
Placerville, CO 81430
Suggested Retail Price (MSRP):
$- 1900.00
Usage Class:
Expert, on Piste carving Ski
Your Rating (with comments):
10, just pull the plug, fill out your DNA profile and buy a pair. You won’t be sorry
 Just beautiful to look at. Tasteful and Understated Graphics. Classic beauty that looks like it means business. Nice finishing. Very light weight, smooth flexing in hand with great torsional rigidity.
Ski Designer:
Pete Wagner based on information from info gathered by Wagner Skis skier DNA profile.  Technical Ski Data
Dimensions: 125.83.110    R: 16 M at 173 cm
Construction: Sugar Maple/ White ash core. Super durable base and oversized edges. Trapezoidal P Tex Sidewalls. 2 layers of Titanal: 1 on top and 1 on the bottom. Bubinga Waterfall top sheet…really nice looking wood!
Test Conditions:
Groomed Packed Powder, warming to corn during the day.
Test Results:
Spent 5 hours on these. Ran them through the usual test: let them run straight and start with longer radius turns moving into shorter radius turns at speed. This allows me to check the stability and the agility of a ski. Wagner’s are winners! Quiet, smooth running. Very stable and damp. Handled long turns effortlessly, and as you increased speed they Wagner’s became more nimble and tenacious. Smooth transitions turn to turn with quiet, predictable feedback.
I like to force to force a ski into a shorter radius turn at speed just to see what happens. The Wagner’s reacted super quickly and laid down trenches, stored up a little energy and popped you into the next with positive steering and edge control. It liked the quicker pace, but was just as home in a longer turn. This is a completely effective all mountain design. Think BMW coupe, smooth and quiet with huge power and responsiveness when you step on it. Keep in mind that Wagner builds every ski based on The Wagner Skier DNA Profile. Every ski is designed with the entire input coming from the customer.
This ski is a Demo that was designed by Equipe Sports in Stratton, VT for the conditions that are prevalent at Stratton. The design just nailed it for groomers in the East. We are convinced that all of Wagner’s designs will be completely effective. We have spoken with several Wagner owners and they all say the same thing: they really like the DNA design process and the resulting pair of skis. With all the good press Wagner is getting, you might have to get in line for a pair. 
Self-Description of Skiing Style, Ability, Experience, Preferences
Expert, Life long skier. 53 years old. Like to lay down trenches at high speed, But like the trees and mixing it up when the opportunity presents itself. There are no friends on a powder day! 
By: tfavro  Posted: Sunday, April 3, 2011 3:21:04 AM

Glad to hear you are now a believer...we do PR for Pete and I am a Stratton Mountain School brat now grown up and living in Boulder. My mom turned 70 2 weeks ago and I gave her a pair...she used them last weekend and is in love(watch for the female Eskimo graphics at the URSA liftline) Please let me know if I can help out with Wagner...Pete is one of the smartest people I have ever met. Did you see us in Wired, Forbes and Bloomberg this winter???


By: Momentum  Posted: Thursday, April 7, 2011 2:49:21 PM
No Ski Ads.
No Affiliate Marketing.

Several companies provide discounts or donations to support our ski testing program.

We can choose any poles. We choose Leki. They never fail & last for years.

Boots are the most critical element when testing ski behavior. We can choose any boots. We choose Dalbello and Salomon.

Distinctive team outerwear.

Halti is our choice to stay dry and warm when testing in Nor'Easter storms.

Green Ice Wax is our choice for non-fluoro, eco-friendly waxes.
Smith is our choice for head and eye protection.

Northern Ski Works is our choice for shop work and bootfitting.