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Rip'nWud Showroom Photos

I visited Kevan Beane at his Rip'nWud Skis showroom in Ville La Grand, France to see some of his custom skis, which make up the bulk of his workload.  Below are some photos.  What I found particularly interesting was Kevan's depth of superb-quality custom work from "luxury" resort-type skis for infrequent skiers of posh resorts who want easy-carving frontside groomer skis to the hard-core, derby-type skis and everthing in between.  Most ski builders don't have this breadth of design variation, and Kevan definitely knows the behavior of skis very well and knows how to mix materials and design to achieve the customer's goals.  I was very impressed with the Rip'nWud skis and the consistent high-quality construction and finish of each pair in the showroom.  If you are ever near Geneva, drop in and see Kevan's showroom and see the quality of the skis.  You can even get a hand-built coffin-box with hand-made iron hinges for your custom skis if you get the urge! (and have €3,200)....Custom orders are accepted from March through June only and delivered at the end of September each year.  You can also buy "off-the-rack" for between €720 - €890 plus bindings.


Pics below:

The showroom at the foot of the French Alps. Chamonix is a short ride up the Autoroute....

Custom Sochi Skis for the 2014 Olympic Officials




By: e.edelstein  Posted: Monday, March 1, 2010 1:56:59 PM
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