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Storm Skis - Devastator Pro 2009-2010 Model

Storm Skis
"Devastator Pro"

(125-100-120) 24m radius @ 183cm
2009-2010 pre-production candidate



Storm Devastator Pro modeled by Val-D'Isere
off-piste coach/instructor and guide Olivier Renassia

(Olivier is a ripping skier recently brought on-board by Storm - He can show you the best ridge hiking routes, avalanche avoidance and cool stashes at Val-D'Isere and Tignes after spending more than ten seasons there...he also knows *everyone* at Val him through Mountain Masters or MountainPro)

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Manufacturer Info:

Storm Skis Ltd
18 Sanders Close
Shipley View
Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 9LN

Tel: +44-07788-717055


Storm Skis is one of two ski companies in the U.K. (both born last year, testing their skis this season for retail sales next year...both led by guys  named Andrew...go figure..). Storm Skis is another tiny company founded by an ex pro skier (Andy David was British Freestyle mogul champion in 2002-2003 competing for 6 years in Europa and Continental Cup tours and specializes in big mountain freeriding) who wanted to make skis to his design and have his own ski business. With skiing and testing based primarily out of Verbier, Switzerland (Chris David - Andy's brother [Another British Europa/Continental Cup mogul pro] - helped make Altitude Snowsport School ( in Verbier a big success a while ago and is working with the Storm Skis brand also), Storm Skis has the terrain to test and verify ski performance. Storm is building up a line of perhaps 10 models of skis for official sale in the 2009-2010 season.  The skis are made to Storm's specifications at one of the oldest wood-core ski factories in the Czech Republic.

Usage Class:

Big Mountain, positive-camber Powder Ski

Your Rating (with comments): (1="get me off these things"->10="I have to own a pair")



A lightweight, versatile, soft-snow ski with respectable control on groomed surfaces that's easy to turn in all conditions and speeds. Detuned and civilized version of the Stormforce Pro big ski. Crowd pleasing fat ski.

Technical Ski Data:

Beech-Poplar wood core
Triaxial and biaxial fiberglass
P-Tex 6000 base
"extra thick edges"
ABS Sidewalls
(125-100-120) 24m radius @ 183cm
Price ~ €550 (approximate...price not published yet)
Manufactured in the Czech Republic

Sales Channels:

Contact for direct-to-consumer sales and sales info.
Contact for mail order sales through their Ebay webstore of some models. More retailers will be brought on-board for 2009-2010 season. Check their website for current listings.
Pre-Skiing Impression:

The Storm Devastator Pro is a fairly soft-flexing, compliant woodcore sandwich ski with nice dampening and a good fit and finish. The graphic design is cool, but the pre-production model tested was not as vivid as it should be for great "rack-appeal". Andy says they might have a more eye-catching intensity to the final production run of the Dev Pro. Torsionally compliant at the tip and tail, and firmer underfoot, so it should be easy to ski, but grip respectably when needed. Nice light weight. It makes me want to find powder. Unfortunately, we had no powder on our test day, so it was stuck on the groomers and rebaked mank along the sides of the groomers. Not ideal for powder ski testing, but I got a good idea of how it handles.

Test Conditions:

Dry to semi-softening packed groomers. Val-D'Isere, France. March 2009. No powder (bummer). See the photos for the "off-piste" conditions...not much.

Test Results:

The Devastator Pro is friendly. The first few turns told me the ski could be turned by anyone, and if you're looking for the big-drops and high-speed runouts, buy its stiffer brother, the Stormforce Pro. The Dev Pro is an easy-street big ski that is happy to drift at low to medium speeds, or be rolled up on edge to grip the groomers back to the lifts with confidence.  I immediately thought this would be a good ski for someone who is not a hard-charging expert, but a soft-snow enthusiast who wants to enjoy the snow instead of getting a workout.  Stand on it and relax. The Dev Pro is really quite easy to
turn quickly when needed, and never resists or balks. Never nervous, but perhaps a bit soft at high speeds if the surface is firm.  This ski wants to be "in" snow, not "on" it.  I was able to give it a pretty good evaluation on firm snow and found it to be carving on-demand if you need it. I can't honestly tell you how it behaves in powder snow or even deep junk snow, but I get the impression this is a ski that will yield a fun, easy ride without requiring intense piloting from the skier. I know it is not for high speed, deep snow arcing, but is probably more at home exploring the woods and fluffy hideaways or even a few centimeters of fresh snow at a resort.  The Devastator Pro might have its name changed to just "Devastator" since the "pro" might scare people away who would otherwise find it a great buddy in the soft snow. I would put nearly anyone on this ski who wants a 100mm underfoot tool for
cruising the soft stuff, and yet have a confident hold on the groomed surfaces getting back to the lifts.  "Recreational powder ski" is a term that kept coming into mind. Another crowd pleaser from Storm.  I really want to try the Stormforce Pro now for a more rowdy ride.

How does it compare to the "Other" U.K. Big Mountain Powder Ski?

Storm Devastator Pro = (125-100-120) 24m radius @ 183cm
White Dot "The Preacher" = (155-112-133) 21m radius @ 189cm

People are going to want to know how it compares to the other U.K. powder ski from White Dot here you go... The White Dot "The Preacher" is stiffer and quicker, with a bit more pop and rebound, but it is more demanding than the Storm Devastator Pro which is somewhat softer and more damp.  The Preacher is more authoritatively grippy on piste, and has a more precise and less relaxed feel to it than the Dev Pro.  If I was coaching, teaching or guiding someone in good physical condition, I would choose the Preacher for them. If the person needed a more forgiving ski, I would pick the Dev Pro.  The Preacher has the curvier sidecut geometry in a stiffer chassis. The Dev Pro has a straighter cut and larger natural turn radius, but in a softer chassis.  Pick your ride.

Storm Devastator Pro
(Click here for LARGER version)


By: e.edelstein  Posted: Monday, March 23, 2009 3:07:18 PM
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